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    1. Blog Agi i Frycka
      Blog Agi i Frycka - nadsze przygody w krainie wikingow, ZAPRASZAMY ! Troche humoru, troche RPG. [link nie działa?]
      http://aga.go.pl - szczegóły

    2. Free 4 All
      Save Your Time And Money [link nie działa?]
      http://free.bzyk.info - szczegóły

    3. Free software
      free software [link nie działa?]
      http://new-freesoftware.blogspot.com/ - szczegóły

    4. How to optimize Windows Vista
      How to optimize Windows Vista. Windows Vista tune and optimize. How to turn off System Restore. How to turn off Automatic Disk Defragmentation. How to turn off Automatic Windows Defender Operation. How to turn off Remote Differential Compression. HOW TO TURN OFF SEARCH INDEXING. [link nie działa?]
      http://howtooptimizevista.blogspot.com/ - szczegóły

    5. Lean Manufacturing
      Lean Manufacturing identifies 7 areas of waste or ' muda '. The Lean Manufacturing house can only grow if its foundations are built first. Without using a highly flexible and modular system that allows muda to be eliminated and Kaizen attitudes to be introduced into the plant, it is impossible to proceed to the later steps of Lean Manufacturing, which are work standardization, sequencing (Heijunka) JIT and JIDOKA. [link nie działa?]
      http://vision-lean.blogspot.com/ - szczegóły

    6. Love Songs Tube
      Romantic love songs are a feature of love two people. Large archive of the most beautiful love song lyrics and rock love songs lyrics of all time. Compiled that perfect love songs playlist for your Valentines night or romanitc nights. [link nie działa?]
      http://www.lovesongstube.com - szczegóły

    7. Online Dating-how to flirt
      Flirting is, at its most basic, a way to meet potential mates and see if they are compatible. In some situations, such as at a dance or a party, flirting is the only way to open the door to a romantic relationship with someone you don't know and might not otherwise ever see again. Because of all of this, flirting is a very important skill, and it's one that makes a lot of people nervous. There is an art of flirting, though, and it's an art that can be learned. Here are some pointers. [link nie działa?]
      http://dating-services-review.blogspot.com/ - szczegóły

    8. Piotr Zaniewicz blog
      Blog with useful information about Linux, networks, politics, investments (stocks, forex) and many more. Blog features a photo gallery and some biographical information about the author. Enjoy! [link nie działa?]
      http://piotr.eldora.pl - szczegóły

    9. through geographer's eyes
      Discover Carpathians. Every person tastes the world in a different way, notices various details... We would like to share with you our observations, experiences, knowledge and feelings about the Carpathians - the region we live in and discover each day. [link nie działa?]
      http://geographers-eye.blogspot.com - szczegóły

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